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Thanks for stopping by our brand new site. This is a work in progress so please send us any suggestions you might have.

The BCYL is a province wide organization that engages and supports youth within the BC Liberal Party.

We host events, provide valuable networking opportunities, and give youth with a unique opportunity to engage in the political process.  This is done through the BCYL organization, local riding associations or one of our many campus clubs throughout the province.

With the election of Christy Clark as our new leader, we have an amazing opportunity to help shape the direction of our province, while providing a fun and exciting environment.  

Why should you get involved? Here's why

  • Policies like the carbon tax, support for jobs and open government
  • Political engagement
  • Social media opportunities
  • Meeting new people and expanding your network
  • Event planning
  • expanding your network
  • or gaining new, valuable skills

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